Our technology platform uses marketing psychology to motivate consumers, so you can achieve goals faster, more cost effectively and with less resources. We call it urgency marketing.

In a full stack developer role I'm working on multiple apps. We routinely work on campaigns with high traffic having 500k+ participants, peak traffic of 75k+ users on the site at one time, and 1k+ requests per second.

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We love local restaurants and admire your mission. Grubbable strives to get consumers to "Eat with Purpose" by eating at restaurants that use locally sourced and natural ingredients.

As Co-founder and CTO I worked on everything. Grubbable was a website, iOS and Android app. Restaurant partners maintained profiles, including what they sourced local and natural and exclusive deals to drive business durning off-peak hours. Consumers could see restaurants in their area and what they were sourcing local and natural, as well as get exclusive deals. Consumers who paid to be members could get 10% off all our network restaurants all the time.

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Our vision is seeing communities transformed both spiritually and physically starting with our own.

A fun side project for my local church. It uses Gatsby (Jamstack) and Netlify CMS with a git back end for really great performance at a really affordable budget.

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