I'm going to RailsConf! March 8, 2019

RailsConf is April 30 - May 3. My flight and hotel are booked; it’s official, I’m going! I’ve never been to a tech conference before. They’ve historically intimidated me a little bit so I’ve kept my distance. I’m both still a little intimidated and excited. I’m hoping to get a few different things out of going.

A sense of being a part of the larger Rails community. Rails is used by all kinds of people from all over the world. I’m excited to learn about what people are doing outside my bubble of Detroit.

Learning about new hotness in Rails 6. Rails 6 is set to release on the first day of the conference. Accordingly, some of the sessions cover new stuff like Action Cable and Active Storage.

And finally, leveling up my skills, both as a Rails developer and as a member of a development team. Before working at Quikly I did a lot of lone wolf development. All great experiences but not working in a team means I’m still growing in those skills.

I’m going to be writing posts leading up to, during, and after Rails conf so subscribe or follow for more. My next post is going to be about sessions and workshops. Help me pick by checking out https://railsconf.com/program and let me know on Twitter.